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House Building Finance Company – HBFC

Whistleblowing Policy​

HBFC encourages internal and external whistle-blowers to help the organization by communicating the existence of criminal and/or improper activities within the organization to an appropriate level for an unbiased resolution. The whistle-blowers may divulge/disclose the acts including but not limited to Frauds, Misrepresentations, Forgery, Theft, Embezzlement or Misappropriation, Corruption, Dishonesty, and Collusive practices at HBFC branches and offices across Pakistan.

In order to ensure fair and just use of the whistle-blowing option, HBFC has the right to take penal/disciplinary action if it is proved that the false complaint was lodged with malicious intentions.

The Board Audit Committee through Group Head, Audit shall have the overall responsibility for ensuring the implementation of Whistleblowing Policy.

Contact Details of Whistle Blow Function:

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