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House Building Finance Company – HBFC

HBFC signs an MoU with NITB to Transform Office Operations with E-Office

Islamabad, October 27, 2023: The House Building Finance Company (HBFC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Information Technology Board (NITB) to implement the E-Office suite within HBFC’s nationwide offices.

The event took place at the HBFC Regional Office, where Mr. Zahid Suleman, CIO of HBFC, and Mr. Babar Majid Bhatti, CEO of NITB, officially signed the document. E-Office, an application developed by NITB, is designed to support public sector organizations in transitioning towards a paperless environment, elevating their internal operational efficiencies through electronic means and platforms.

At HBFC, our unwavering commitment to innovation and customer facilitation remains at the core of our operations. The adoption of E-Office is another milestone in fulfilling this commitment. This initiative will allow HBFC to remodel its day-to-day operations, boosting efficiency, transparency, and reducing loan processing times.

During the event, Mr. Zahid Suleman, CIO of HBFC, expressed, “Transitioning to an E-Office paperless environment marks a profound shift in how modern workplaces operate. In this digital era, the traditional reliance on physical paper document is replaced by efficient electronic alternatives. This transformation not only contributes to significant reductions in environmental waste and clutter but also streamlines workflow processes. By harnessing the power of digital technologies, organizations can enhance collaboration, accessibility and data security.”

As the oldest specialized housing finance institution, HBFC has been a cornerstone of the Pakistani housing landscape for over seven decades. Our legacy is intricately woven into the fabric of the nation’s history and heritage. Throughout the years, HBFC has consistently demonstrated resilience and dedication, contributing significantly to the nation’s economic progress through housing finance.

With pride, we note that HBFC has helped more than 480,000 families realize their dreams of homeownership, leading to enhanced financial security, elevated living standards, and increased social inclusion. This commitment to empowering individuals and families in Pakistan through affordable housing solutions remains at the heart of what we do.

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