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HBFC & KE Collaborate to Promote ‘Ghar for Her’ Initiative on International Women’s Day

Karachi, March 11, 2024 – House Building Finance Company (HBFC) and KE came together on the International Women’s Day celebration event to promote HBFC’s ‘Ghar for Her’ initiative. ‘Ghar for Her’ is dedicated to financially include and empower women through home ownership. The event was organized by KE to celebrate the strength, resilience, and achievements of women working in the organization. The HBFC team used this opportunity to actively engage with female employees at KE, providing valuable insights on the application process for home finance and guided them on the path to home ownership.

With a rich legacy of over 70 years, HBFC stands as Pakistan’s foremost specialized housing finance institution. Devoted to enhancing access to housing finance for women, HBFC firmly believes in the transformative power of home ownership as a catalyst for strengthening the financial security and empowerment of women.

Speaking at the occasion, HBFC’s Group Head Business, Mr. Faisal Murad highlighted the importance of this collaboration. He shared. “We are extremely thankful to KE for allowing us to engage with its female staff and educate them on the importance of home ownership for women. We understand that women face greater challenges in planning their home ownership journeys compared to men. Therefore, our Ghar for Her initiative provides women with the support they need through the entire loan acquiring process.”

Further, Ms Sadia Dada, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer at KE emphasized the need of exploring more avenues for KE and HBFC to work together. She commented, “Home ownership symbolizes empowerment while ensuring a secure future for our families and goes beyond being a roof over the head. Despite being known as home makers, the percentage of female homeowners remains dismally low, with a lot of women finding the process daunting. We must bust the myth around home ownership among women and create awareness regarding ease of financing options. I’m glad that through initiatives like #GharForHer, HBFC is providing tailored support to women and helping them seize control of their future. Let’s become financially aware and make well-informed decisions to shape our destinies.”

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