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House Building Finance Company – HBFC

HBFC Celebrates National Working Women’s Day with Emphasis on Empowering Women

December 22, 2021, Karachi – House Building Finance Company Limited (HBFC) celebrated National Working Women’s Day in commemoration of achievements of working women across the country, based on the theme #SheCanDoIt.

As an organization, HBFC believes that having a diverse workforce is the key to fostering innovation and meeting the challenges of the modern workplace and therefore, strives to create and nurture an environment which is gender inclusive. The Company takes pride in being an equal opportunity employer which empowers females at all levels of hierarchy.

Commenting on evolution of the role of women in the workplace, Hafeez Mukhtar, Group Head HR, said,

“We understand and value the benefits of having a diverse workforce. With a firm belief that diversity drives innovation, we are proud to foster a work environment where women have mental and physical freedom to excel and grow and unleash their true potential.”

The women at the Company are provided with leadership roles and opportunities to prove themselves. The Company recognizes the fact that a woman’s role in society is very diverse. In addition to being working women, they are also the driving force behind their families. Therefore, the Company offers workplace day care facility, which puts them at ease and simultaneously allows them to spend more time with their children. Furthermore, facilities such as maternal leaves, work from home in special cases and gym facility are also available.

Talking about the gender parity, Nadia Somani, Head, Compliance and Focal Person for D&I initiatives said,

“The world is aspiring for more gender parity, which I believe cannot be achieved without empowering women and working for their inclusion in our workplaces. Despite numerous challenges, women are making their mark across diverse industries. HBFC has set the right precedents for women empowerment through its diversity and inclusion initiatives. These initiatives are fueled by our long term commitment to empower Pakistani women.”

As we celebrate National Working Women’s Day, House Building Finance Company Limited continues to train, honour, and value the richness of the diversity of our employees and their contributions to accomplishing our mission.

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