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House Building Finance Company – HBFC

HBFC is committed to create a supportive environment for its employees

Engaged and Empowered Environment

At HBFC, we ensure a work environment where people are safe, empowered and inspired everyday to innovate and contribute towards a bigger goal. The HBFC family enjoys a culture of respect, trust and recognition where ideas are heard, performance is rewarded and employees are encouraged to continuously grow and invest in themselves. An equal opportunity employer, HBFC welcomes individuals from all walks of life and celebrates diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We focus on cultivating an enabling organizational culture that prioritizes employee engagement, develops our leadership pipeline and instils a sense of pride within our employees.

A Culture of Continuous Learning

At HBFC, our commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and personal development is reflected in our extensive resource offerings. Within our organization, we proudly maintain a diverse and enriching collection that includes a wide array of books, both from national and international authors. Additionally, we provide access to a comprehensive selection of newspapers, journals, and magazines, creating a well-rounded repository of knowledge.

Recognizing the importance of accessible resources for our employees, we have implemented a book borrowing system. This initiative not only encourages a habit of reading but also facilitates continuous learning, providing our staff with the chance to delve into various subjects and broaden their perspectives.

Wellness at Work

The wellbeing message is embedded through the built-in environment, facilities and interventions for employees at HBFC.

After a fulfilling day at work, employees also have access to free gymnasium facility. Separate time slots have been established for both male and female employees. This guarantees that everyone has convenient and comfortable access to the fitness facilities.

Whether it’s a brisk workout before the workday begins or an energizing session during a break, our gymnasium is thoughtfully designed to accommodate diverse schedules and preferences.

Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

At HBFC Head Office, we prioritize creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all our employees. Recognizing the unique needs of our female colleagues, we have thoughtfully designed a Female Lounge. This dedicated space is tailored to cater to the comfort and convenience of our female team members.

Whether it’s a moment of quiet reflection during prayer time, a delightful lunch break, or a chance to unwind in a relaxed and casual setting, our Female Lounge is the perfect retreat. We understand the importance of fostering a supportive workplace that goes beyond professional duties, and this space aims to provide a sanctuary for our female employees to recharge and connect with their colleagues.

Day Care Facility

In 2021, HBFC set up an exclusive childcare centre for its employees, acting on the belief that childcare facilities would dramatically enhance the performance and productivity of young parents, especially working mothers.

The centre has been established with a view to ease the burden on working mothers struggling to juggle their parental responsibilities with their careers.

The centre consists of a sizeable indoor play area with different activities accommodating children of ages ranging from 3 months to five years with an environment emphasizing particularly on child safety and hygiene.

Separate rooms are provided for children to sleep, if tired, with an attendant present at all times.

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