House Building Finance Company

HBFC is Pakistan’s oldest specialized housing finance institution facilitating the path to homeownership for many.


Housing Finance for NRPs

Your Home, Back Home

Leaving family behind to pursue opportunities abroad is tough. To protect and provide for them, consider giving them a home of their own. Building equity through homeownership instead of renting offers security and stability. Take advantage of HBFC's home loans for non-resident Pakistanis with attractive repayment options.

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  Purpose   Construction and Purchase of House/Apartment
Income Criteria

Verifiable net disposable monthly income

Financial Amount

Up to PKR 30 Million in selected cities

Financial Tenure 3 – 20 years
  Markup Rate

  Salaried: 1 Year KIBOR * + 3.00%

  Self-employed Businessmen: 1 Year KIBOR * + 3.50%

  Self-employed Professionals: 1 Year KIBOR * + 3.50%

  * Yearly re-pricing on each anniversary of financing.

Loan To Value (LTV) Ratio / HBFC’s Share Up to 70% on the basis of market value assessed by valuator (of the property to be mortgaged) or purchase value, whichever is lower
Balloon page   Facility Changes applicable as per (SOC)
Early settlement facility

Changes applicable as per (SOC)

Citizenship Non resident Pakistanis (NRPs)

Minimum: 23 years

Maximum: *60 years

*At the time of maturity of facility

Employment Tenure

Total Employment experience of at least 03 years with minimum 02   Years in present job

Minimum Monthly Salary Income

Equivalent to 1500 USD

DBR (Debt-Burden Ratio)

Upto 45% According to the Income Level


Documents   Required for Pre-approval

1. Loan Application Form

2. 02 Passport Size Photographs

3. Copy of CNIC/NICOP

4. Copy of Salary Certificate (mentioning job status & tenor of employment)

5. Copy of Latest 04 Month Salary Slip

6. Copy of Latest 01 Year Foreign Bank Statement of Salary Account

7. Copy of Foreign Credit Report

8. Copy of Passport & Valid Visa

9. Copy of Work Permit

10. Copy of Resident Card

11. Proof of Remittance (including receipt of remittances or 01-year local bank statement reflecting the remittance)

Customer will be required to submit Salary Certificate (mentioning job status & tenor of employment) duly attested by the Pakistan Mission in that country OR by notary public of respective countries OR by the state departments operating under the immigration sections of Middle East Countries at the time of final approval of facility

Prior-approval fee/charges (non-refundable) will be applicable as per Schedule of Charges (SOC).

Contact Person in Pakistan


Parents / Brother / Sister Married


Parents / Wife

Nominated blood relative/spouse with duly executed special power of attorney to deal with HBFC (in case applicant is not visiting Pakistan) for execution of financing transaction and completion of securities.