House Building Finance Company

HBFC is Pakistan’s oldest specialized housing finance institution facilitating the path to homeownership for many.

  • You may apply for Home Financing facility by visiting your nearest HBFC’s Branch or reach us through our HBFC’s Customer Facilitation Centre at 0800-42325.
  • Non-Resident Pakistani can apply through legally appointed attorney or on-line.

HBFC’s has an extensive network of 51 branches all over Pakistan (see Branch locator in HBFCL‘s website).

HBFC offers home financing facility ONLY on residential property for

  • Purchase of House / Flat
  • Construction of House (i) on already owned plot (ii) advance stage of construction i.e. up to lintel level or roofed
  • Balance Transfer Facility from other bank


No, HBFC provides financing facility for residential properties ONLY. However, financing facility is available for the residential portion of the commercial property.

  • Ghar Pakistan Scheme (GPS)
  • Ghar Pakistan Plus Scheme (GPS Plus)
  • Ghar Sahulat Scheme (GSS)

Ghar Pakistan Scheme


  • Up to PKR 4,500,000/-
  • Up to PKR 1,000,000/- (for cash-based income)

Ghar Pakistan Plus Scheme

(GPS Plus)

  • Up to PKR 8,800,000/-
  • Up to PKR 1,000,000/-(for cash-based income)

Ghar Sahulat Scheme


  • Up to PKR 25,000,000/-·to affluent individuals of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar and Quetta
  •  Up to PKR 10,000,000/- in all other areas
  • Up to PKR 1,000,000/-(for cash-based income)

Ghar Pakistan Scheme


Fixed 12.00 % per annum

Ghar Pakistan Plus Scheme

(GPS Plus)

Fixed 13.00 % per annum

Ghar Sahulat Scheme



Salaried: 1 Year KIBOR*+3.25 %

Self Employed Professionals and Businessmen: 1 year KIBOR*+3.50%

*Yearly re-pricing on each anniversary of financing


Ghar  Pakistan Scheme


Upto 80% of the forced sale value of property

Ghar Pakistan Plus Scheme

(GPS Plus)

Upto 85% of the forced sale value of property

Ghar Sahulat Scheme


Upto 70% of the market value of the property

Loan amount admissibility depends upon the age, income and property value. However, you can get tentative loan amount assessment through loan calculator.

Yes, Non-Resident Pakistani can apply through legally appointed attorney or on-line, subject to the applicable terms & conditions.

Yes, income clubbing of maximum 03 individuals is allowed.

For the purposes of income estimation, the income of maximum of three individuals (applicant / co-applicant / guarantor) can be clubbed as mentioned below:

  • Income of maximum 03 Co-Applicants
  • Income of maximum 02 Guarantors

Co-applicant means the person who jointly applies with the primary applicant for financing and the property is (or going to be) in their joint ownership.

Guarantor means any person other than the applicant, who is willing to guarantee the repayment of the HBFC financing, availed by the applicant. Guarantor must be a family member having inheritance rights in the property to be mortgaged.

In the cases of widows, divorced, issueless and unmarried women, HBFC accept the guarantees of other blood relatives.

Please visit this link

Income estimation will be carried out by Branch Manager / Income Estimation Agency, subject to the respective customer’s segment.

  • Employees of government, semi government, banks and companies listed on stock exchange.
  • Non-resident Pakistani
  • Employees of all other private companies
  • Self-employed professional
  • Self-employed businessmen

HBFC has exclusive arrangements with PBA approved valuators for this purpose, who will visit the site to evaluate and determine the market value of the said property.

The title documents of the land / property shall be scrutinized by the Legal Consultants / Legal Advisers authorized by HBFC and shall be verified from the concerned issuing / registration department.

Your application shall only be processed once you submit all the required documentation and information. If your loan is approved by HBFC’s credit department, we shall start proceeding with all the legal formalities related to the property. And wait for your instruction to disburse the facility.

Please refer to the “Schedule of Charges” for detailed information on application processing charges.

  • HBFC will issue “Statement of Accounts” of your Home Financing facility annually. The statement would include details on principal, mark-up repayments, penalties (if any) charged during the year and outstanding balance.
  • You may also request the Branch for your repayments, balance payments and repayment schedule any time.

For a lower interest rate and / or other advantages, the customers can transfer their existing outstanding balance of home financing facility to another financial institution or bank.

Anyone who is already availing home financing facility from any other bank / financial institution for the purchase or construction of residential house / flat / apartment and has completed 18 months with the same institution can avail balance transfer facility, subject to the satisfactory repayments with the existing institution.

Yes, it is necessary to clear any previous default(s) with the mortgagee bank / financial institution. The overdue amount will not be included in BTF amount.

You can repay your monthly installment by providing PDCs which will be launched on the due date. However, in case of corporate arrangements with HBFC, the monthly installments will be deducted at source.

Yes, you can opt for early settlement facility. However, the applicable charges will be in line with prevailing Schedule of Charges (SOC).

Yes, you will have the option of making balloon payments, subject to the terms & conditions mentioned below:

Ghar Pakistan Scheme (GPS) Amount of balloon payment must be greater than or equal to 10% of the outstanding balance (i.e. principal outstanding) at that stage, without paying any additional charges.
Ghar Pakistan Plus Scheme (GPS Plus) Amount of balloon payment must be greater than or equal to 10% of the outstanding balance (i.e. principal outstanding) at that stage.

Ghar Sahulat Scheme


  • After completion of one year ( from the date of last disbursement)
  • Amount of balloon payment must be greater than or equal to 10% of the outstanding balance (i.e. principal outstanding) at that stage.

A late payment penalty will be levied that you will be required to clear off at the end of your financing tenure. For details on late payment charges please refer to the “Schedule of Charges”. 

HBFC offers a mandatory Life insurance and Property takaful coverage at very nominal rate and is built into your monthly installment.

The applicant / co-applicant(s) / guarantor(s) will be insured, whose income is considered for financing.

Life Insurance coverage is mandatory for all the customers. HBFC provide Life Insurance coverage at compatible contribution on monthly basis to the extent of financing amount. This will provide coverage in the event of the accidental / permanent disability or natural death due to any cause

Yes, you can claim tax rebate against your mark-up paid during the year.

Yes, HBFC keep property documents in safe custody.

HBFCL will keep the original property documents of the mortgaged property till the clearance of entire outstanding dues.

Last updated on: 29 Nov, 2019