House Building Finance Company

HBFC is striving to be a socially responsible and commercially sustainable housing finance institution.


House Building Finance Company Limited (HBFC) is the only housing finance institution in Pakistan, established in 1952 by the Government of Pakistan.

It was corporatized in 2007 and is now an unlisted public limited company. State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan (GoP) jointly hold the capital of HBFC with 90.31% and 9.69% shareholding respectively.

HBFC provides financing facilities for construction and purchase of houses through its deep rooted and national footprint of 51 Branches, 7 Area offices, 3 Regional offices and Head Office based in Karachi.


People We Serve

As a matter of our mandate, HBFC is focused on providing finance for the housing needs of lower and middle income citizens.

HBFC has developed various products to serve the needs of such segments of population. Ghar Aasan Flexi is the major housing finance product catering to the needs of masses. Further, keeping in view the deteriorating affordability of low income citizens, HBFC has launched Ghar Pakistan which is the first fixed-rate housing finance product in the history of Pakistan. Currently, this product is being offered at the lowest rate in the industry. Ghar Pakistan is a milestone towards providing affordable housing to low and low-middle income population of Pakistan.

Going forward, we are gearing ourselves towards enhancing mortgages rapidly so as to reduce the huge demand and supply gap of housing units in the country.

Last updated on: 15 Nov, 2022