HBFC is striving to be a socially responsible and commercially sustainable housing finance institution.

Regional Office - South

Address: Front Right Wing of Civic Centre, Hasan Square, Main University Road Karachi

Regional Head: Iqbal Jawed

Mobile Number: 0322-2358939

Landline Number: 021-34856013

Email Address: iqbal.jawed@hbfc.com.pk

Area Office (South-1)

Address: Front Right Wing of Civic Centre, Hasan Square, Main University Road Karachi

Area Head: Khwaja Mutahir ul Hassan

Mobile Number: 0335-3036801

Landline Number: 021-34856020

Email Address: mutahir.hasan@hbfc.com.pk

Karachi Branch-I

Address: Front Right Wing of Civic Centre, 1st Floor, Hasan Square, Main University Road Karachi

Branch Manager: Mansoor Ali Hirani

Mobile Number: 0333-0307103

Landline Number: 021-34856018

Email Address: mansur.hirani@hbfc.com.pk

Karachi Branch-II

Address: Plot No. SB–28, Block–1, Mahnoor Apartment, Gulistan–e–Jauhar, Opposite NED University, KDA Scheme No. 36, Karachi

Branch Manager: Nadeem Ahmed Kamal

Mobile Number: 0300-2271088

Landline Number: 021-34856016

Email Address: nadeem.kamal@hbfc.com.pk


Address: 1st Floor, Civic Centre, Thandi Sarak Road, Hyderabad

Branch Manager: Imran Memon

Mobile Number: 0335-3036855

Landline Number: 022-2783826

Email Address: imran.memon@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Plot No. 37 N-41 1st Floor, Pakistan Railway Employees Cooperative Housing Society Limited, Hyderabad Road, Near Marvi Lawn, Mirpurkhas

Branch Manager: Saadullah Shaikh

Mobile Number: 0333-2672262

Landline Number: 0233-821169 0233-821170

Email Address: saad.shaikh@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Plot No. 951 Choudhry Compound Nawabshah Road, Sanghar

Branch Manager: Adnan Ahmed

Mobile Number: 0301-8559199

Landline Number: 0235-542246

Email Address: adnan.ahmed@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Plot No. 221, Opposite Azeem Petrol Pump, Near T&T Colony Sakrand Road, Nawabshah

Branch Manager: Muhammad Masood Barakzai

Mobile Number: 0333-2712434

Landline Number: 0244-330881 0244-330882

Email Address: masood.barakzai@hbfc.com.pk


Address: H. No.327/2, Ward-4-, Shah Kamal Muhallah Thatta

Branch Manager: Naeem Murtaza Bhutto

Mobile Number: 0332-9988700

Landline Number: 0298-550587

Email Address: naeem.bhutto@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Main Marine Drive, Near Sadaf Hotel, Gwadar

Branch Manager: Jamil Yar

Mobile Number: 0333-2028832

Landline Number: 086-4211932

Email Address: jameel.yar@hbfc.com.pk

Area Office (South-2)

Address: H.No. C-16, Ground Floor, Muslim Co-operative Housing Society, Military Road, Sukkur

Area Head: Ihsan Ali Noonari

Mobile Number: 0333-2225605

Landline Number: 071-5630415

Email Address: ihsan.noonari@hbfc.com.pk


Address: H.No. C-16, Ground Floor, Muslim Co-operative Housing Society, Military Road, Sukkur

Branch Manager: Syed Tariq Kaleem

Mobile Number: 0305-9893743

Landline Number: 071-5630412

Email Address: tariq.kaleem@hbfc.com.pk


Address: 1st Floor Suhag House, Katcheri Road, Khairpur

Branch Manager: Ghulam Raza Bozdar

Mobile Number: 0304-8807734

Landline Number: 0243-715494

Email Address: raza.baloch@hbfc.com.pk


Address: 1st Floor, Memon Manzil, VIP Road, Larkana

Branch Manager: Naveed Hussain

Mobile Number: 0333-7574099

Landline Number: 074-4040070

Email Address: naveed.buledi@hbfc.com.pk

(Temporary closed due to lockdown situation)

Address: House No. 526/1 Ward No.6, Gharibabad Mohalla Jacobabad

Branch Manager: Tanveer Saeed Jagirani

Mobile Number: 0333-7554892

Landline Number: 0722-653785

Email Address: tanveer.jagirani@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Plot No. 189, Gulshan–e–Ibrahim Colony, Near Excise Office, Dadu, Taluka & District Dadu

Branch Manager: Naveed Zaman Chandio

Mobile Number: 0333-2788516

Landline Number: 0254-710807

Email Address: naveed.chandio@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Office No. 03, Ground Floor, Bolan Arcade, Street No. 2, Model Town, Quetta

Branch Manager: Muhammad Iqbal Mengal

Mobile Number: 0335-3036838 0333-7820699

Landline Number: 081-2827026 081-2827004

Email Address: iqbal.mengal@hbfc.com.pk

Regional Office (Central)

Address: HBFCL House, 1-Lake Road, Chauburji, Lahore

Regional Head: Muhammad Iqbal Shad

Mobile Number: 0335-3036794

Landline Number: 042-37247181

Email Address: iqbal.shad@hbfc.com.pk

Area Office (Central-1)

Address: HBFCL House, 1-Lake Road, Chauburji, Lahore

Area Head: Shabbir Ahmed

Mobile Number: 0321-4156519

Landline Number: 042-37247181

Email Address: shabbir.ahmad@hbfc.com.pk

Lahore Unit - A

Address: HBFCL House, 1-Lake Road, Chauburji, Lahore

Branch Manager (Officiating): Syed Awais Bukhrai

Mobile Number: 0305-2557551

Landline Number: 042-37363436

Email Address: awais.bukhari@hbfc.com.pk

Lahore Unit - B

Address: Plot No. 23/A, Block-XX, Phase 3/C DHA, Lahore

Branch Manager: Ayaz Ejaz

Mobile Number: 0335-3036444

Landline Number: 042-37186334 042-37186335 042-37186336

Email Address: ayaz.ejaz@hbfc.com.pk

Lahore Unit - C

Address: Plot No. 105, Block G/1, Near Doctor's Hospital, Johar Town, Lahore

Branch Manager: Fakhar Abbas Awan

Mobile Number: 0335-3036779

Landline Number: 042-35311480 042-35311481 042-35137604

Email Address: fakhar.abbass@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Cinema More, Near Pakistan Model School, Raiwind Road, Kasur

Branch Manager: Sarwar Nadeem

Mobile Number: 0300-9695064

Landline Number: 049-2760314

Email Address: sarwar.nadeem@hbfc.com.pk


Address: 19-C, Civil lines, near Passport Office, Sheikhupura

Branch Manager: Manzoor Hussain Anjum

Mobile Number: 0335-3036781

Landline Number: 056-3783412 056-3811767

Email Address: manzoor.hussain@hbfc.com.pk


Address: 53-B, Model Town, behind General Bus Stand, Gujranwala

Branch Manager: Syed Mustafa Ali

Mobile Number: 0333-0307114

Landline Number: 055-3840211 055-3840212

Email Address: syed.mustafa@hbfc.com.pk


Address: House No. 297, Shah Faisal Road, Model Town, Sialkot

Branch Manager: Abid Jamil

Mobile Number: 0345-6999961

Landline Number: 052-3561760 052-3257638

Email Address: abid.jamil@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Main Sargodha Road, Opposite Inyat Hospital, Gujrat

Branch Manager: Muhammad Nasrullah

Mobile Number: 0346-8523932

Landline Number: 053-3524537

Email Address: m.nasrullah@hbfc.com.pk


Address: 48-Chanab Market, Madina Town, Faisalabad

Branch Manager: Muhammad Azam

Mobile Number: 0335-3036795

Landline Number: 041-8556227

Email Address: muhammad.azam@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Katchery Road, Opposite Tasveer Mehal Cinema, Saddar, Jhang

Branch Manager: Ghulam Muhammad

Mobile Number: 0335-3036796 0332-6267523

Landline Number: 047-7650144 047-7621048

Email Address: ghulam.muhammad@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Islamiya Park, Near 47 Pull, Lahore Road, Sargodha

Branch Manager: Muhammad Aleem

Mobile Number: 0335-3036797

Landline Number: 048-3212759 048-3222759

Email Address: muhammad.aleem@hbfc.com.pk


Address: 171/E Block-7, Tehsil Road, Near Al-Farooq Poly Clinic, Sahiwal

Branch Manager: Rao Ikram-ud-Din Shehzad

Mobile Number: 0335-3036858

Landline Number: 040-4220772 040-4220771

Email Address: ikram.uddin@hbfc.com.pk

Area Office (Central-2)

Address: Gulistan chowk, Zoom Plaza, Masoom Shah Road, Multan

Area Head: Mian Abdul Khaliq

Mobile Number: 0335-3036808

Landline Number: 061-6780171

Email Address: abdul.khaliq@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Gulistan chowk, Zoom Plaza, Masoom Shah Road, Multan

Branch Manager: Muhammad Rehan

Mobile Number: 0333-0307110

Landline Number: 061-6779900 061-6779908

Email Address: muhammad.rehan@hbfc.com.pk

Rahim Yar Khan

Address: Opposite DPO Office, Church Road, Rhim Yar Khan

Branch Manager: Muhammad Zahid

Mobile Number: 0332-7337599

Landline Number: 068-5877085 068-5877086

Email Address: m.zahid@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Street No. 5, Qasim Town, Near RPO Office, Bahawalpur

Branch Manager: Hammad Hassan

Mobile Number: 0331-6348000

Landline Number: 062-2283202

Email Address: hammad.hassan@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Near Central Jail Road, Muzaffargarh

Branch Manager: Syed Jawad Azeem Bukhari

Mobile Number: 0322-6162131

Landline Number: 066-2426539

Email Address: syed.jawad@hbfc.com.pk

Dera Ghazi Khan (D.G.Khan)

Address: Khata 53, 54, Mouza Choratha, Sind Janobi, Dera Ghazi Khan

Branch Manager: Muhammad Nauman Akhtar

Mobile Number: 0333-6025652

Landline Number: 064-2430304

Email Address: nauman.akhtar@hbfc.com.pk


Address: H. No. 5, Block-H, Opposite Sir Syed Park, Vehari

Branch Manager: Muhammad Tayyab Wasim

Mobile Number: 0333-6239112

Landline Number: 067-3362517

Email Address: tayyab.wasim@hbfc.com.pk

(Temporary closed due to lockdown situation)

Address: Near Chistian Road, Behind Noor Mahal Cinema, Nizampura West, Bahawalngar

Branch Manager: Muhammad Afzal Nizami

Mobile Number: 0335-3036809

Landline Number: 063-2277988 063-2277079

Email Address: afzal.nizami@hbfc.com.pk

Regional Office (North)

Address: Plot No.81, Street No.54, Sector G-9/4, I&T Center Islamabad

Regional Head: Shah Raza

Mobile Number: 0335-3036826

Landline Number: 051-2808140

Email Address: shah.raza@hbfc.com.pk

Area Office (North-1)

Address: Plot No.81, Street No.54, Sector G-9/4, I&T Center Islamabad

Area Head: Mirza Muhammad Masood

Mobile Number: 0331-5354293

Landline Number: 051-2855230

Email Address: masood.mirza@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Plot No.81, Street No.54, Sector G-9/4, I&T Center Islamabad

Branch Manager: Ayub Nabeel

Mobile Number: 0333-5648564

Landline Number: 051-2855230

Email Address: ayub.nabeel@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Plot No. 13-A Commercial Civil Lines Scheme, Rashid Minhas Road, Near Lucky CNG, Rawalpindi

Branch Manager: Mumtaz Rasheed Mirza

Mobile Number: 0333-0307105

Landline Number: 051-4252694

Email Address: mumtaz.mirza@hbfc.com.pk


Address: First Floor, Choudhary Khalid Plaza, Old G.T.Road, Main Jada, Jhelum

Branch Manager: Rizwan Anwar

Mobile Number: 0335-3036834

Landline Number: 0544-620346

Email Address: rizwan.anwar@hbfc.com.pk

Mirpur (AK)

Address: Allama Iqbal Road, Mirpur (AK)

Branch Manager: Shahbaz Shafiq Awan

Mobile Number: 0346-4110905

Landline Number: 05827-921621

Email Address: shahbaz.awan@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Al-Mubeen Plaza, Gulberg Town, Nawababad, G.T. Road, Wah Cantt

Branch Manager: Muhammad Jawad

Mobile Number: 0335-3036836

Landline Number: 051-4542414

Email Address: muhammad.jawad@hbfc.com.pk


Address: House No.1344, Syedain Lode, Choi Road, Kamalpur Syedian Attock

Branch Manager: Ashfaq Alam

Mobile Number: 0335-3036835

Landline Number: 057-2700576

Email Address: ashfaq.alam@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Madani Street, Near Stylo Shoes & Pakistan Public School, Mansehra Road, Mandian, Abbottabad

Branch Manager: Ayaz Mehmood

Mobile Number: 0321-9842206

Landline Number: 0992-381780

Email Address: ayaz.mehmood@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Faisal Plaza, Channai, Mansehra

Branch Manager: Asad Nawaz

Mobile Number: 0331-9816006

Landline Number: 0997-302277

Email Address: asad.nawaz@hbfc.com.pk

Area Office (North-2)

Address: 7th Floor, State Life Building, 34 The Mall Peshawar Cantt

Area Head: Shams-ur-Rehman

Mobile Number: 0333-9875808

Landline Number: 091-5287590

Email Address: shams.rehman@hbfc.com.pk


Address: 7th Floor, State Life Building, 34 The Mall Peshawar Cantt

Branch Manager: Nasrullah Jan

Mobile Number: 0336 9173765

Landline Number: 091-5276926

Email Address: jan.nasrullah@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Shops No. 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, Upper Ground Floor, Mardan City Centre (MCC) Plaza, Qazi Bashir Road, Mardan Cantonment, Mardan

Branch Manager: Ghualm Ali

Mobile Number: 0334 90166399

Landline Number: 0937-875671

Email Address: ghulam.ali@hbfc.com.pk


Address: 1st Floor, Najan Complex, Hangu Road, Kohat

Branch Manager: Hasanat Anwar

Mobile Number: 0345-9407071

Landline Number: 0922-860644

Email Address: hasnat.anwar@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Shahzad Plaza, 1st Floor, Makanbagh, Chowk Saidu Sharif Road, Mingora, Swat

Branch Manager: Imran-ud-Din

Mobile Number: 0345-9451658

Landline Number: 0946-724162

Email Address: imran.uddin@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Hayat Plaza, Near Saddar Police Station Bazar, Ahmed Khan Chowk, Bannu

Branch Manager: Nadeem Iqbal

Mobile Number: 0301-8009195

Landline Number: 0928-613147

Email Address: nadeem.iqbal@hbfc.com.pk

Dera Ismail Khan (D.I.Khan)

Address: Opposite Haque Nawaz Shaheed Park, East Circular Road, Dera Ismail Khan

Branch Manager: Jamshed Iqbal

Mobile Number: 0333-3484824

Landline Number: 0966-718232

Email Address: jamshed.iqbal@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Shop No. 01 & 02, Ground Floor, Terichmer View Hotel, Shahi Masjid Road, Chitral

Branch Manager: Mubashir Hassan

Mobile Number: 0333-9337977 0348-8024104

Landline Number: 0943-413523

Email Address: mubashir.hassan@hbfc.com.pk

Area Office (North-3)

Address: Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Jutial, Gilgit

Area Head: Sajid Javed

Mobile Number: 0335-3036837

Landline Number: 05811-920706

Email Address: sajid.javed@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Jutial, Gilgit

Branch Manager: Mureed Hussain

Mobile Number: 0312-8947953

Landline Number: 05811-922051

Email Address: mureed.hussain@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Opposite PSO Fuel Station, Main KKH Road, Ali Abad, Hunza

Branch Manager: Sharafat Ali

Mobile Number: 0344-8871831 0355-4367037

Landline Number: 05813-920148

Email Address: sharafat.khan@hbfc.com.pk


Address: Mohib Road, Skardu

Branch Manager: Ashraf Hussain

Mobile Number: 0355-5550041 0300-5666464

Landline Number: 05815-452880

Email Address: ashraf.hussain@hbfc.com.pk

Last updated on: 29 Jan, 2020