HBFC is striving to be a socially responsible and commercially sustainable housing finance institution.


House Building Finance Company Limited

The House Building Finance Company Limited (the Company) is an unlisted public company, incorporated in Pakistan on June 13, 2006 under the Companies Ordinance , 1984. The Registered office of the Company is situated at Finance and Trade Centre Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi. The Company has taken over all assets, running business, contracts, liabilities and proceedings of the House Building Finance Corporation (HBFC), established in 1952 under the House Building Finance Corporation Act 1952(XVIII OF 1952) by the Government of Pakistan from closing of the business on  December 31, 2006, the effective date, pursuant to a Vesting Order SRO.I/2007 dated July 25, 2007 issued by the Finance Division- Government of Pakistan. Accordingly, HBFCL is no longer a statutory institution.

To date, HBFCL has financed around 456,256 units for Rs.47.82 billion, successful recoveries of Rs.64 billion (inclusive of mark up) and has a housing portfolio of Rs.14.6 billion. At present the Company is handling over 77,666 operative accounts with a work force comprising of 951 officers and support staff. The Company operates throughout Pakistan including Azad Kashmir and Northern areas.